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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-03-19 15:05:15

Vladimir Prus wrote:
> Robert Ramey wrote:
> Your Jamfile had two things:
> requirements <dependency>../../config/test//BOOST_NO_STD_LOCALE
> usage-requirements
> <dependency>../../config/test//BOOST_NO_STD_LOCALE
> The first if just enough, as far as I can see. Why did you add the
> second? Do I miss any case where the first one is not sufficient?

Well, I concede that bjam file syntax is inpenetrable to me. I don't
remember how I ended up with both of these. I suppose that I
had concluded that "requirements" was to list a requirement to build the
while "usage-requirements" was to list a requirement to use the library.
could occur because the standard library is required to work for the library
to build. Also, since std io headers are used when templates are
instantiated, I added the dependency the "usage requiremement"
But of course now I don't remember what I was thinking - if anything.

Note that including this did produce the effect that I desired. For
when building the library for mingw which doesn't support wide char i/o
the library build and tests for wide char io are automatically skipped as
was my intention. Presumably they will be skipped on any platform
which doesn't support wide char i/o without anyone having to make
any special provision such as markup etc.

So, now that I've described my intention as far as "dependency" is
perhaps you might suggest how it might be better expressed.

While you're at it, you might explain something else. I included "test.jam"
so that my other test directories (performance tests, no-rtti, not checked
could share the bjam code. I was supprised to find that this file had to be
named "test.jam" rather than "test.v2" as I would have expected.

>> and it was shown on
>> my local machine with a green checkmark indicating that it was in
>> sync
>> with the server. - which is why I assumed that it was checked in
>> which was why the whole problem occurred.
> Oh, you're using some GUI. It might be acting up, then.

I use tortoise SVN for window/XP. Which is very cool interface. But
like all such things - sometimes its a little "truculant". Oh well - maybe
there is a god.

Robert Ramey

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