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From: Frank Mori Hess (frank.hess_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-03-24 10:49:53

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On Sunday 23 March 2008 18:47 pm, Phil Endecott wrote:
> The point is that all of the values share a mutex. Our Lockable<>
> classes could be used here if you wanted one mutex per value, but that
> could be wasteful and perhaps wrong. How can we adapt Lockable<> to
> work in this sort of situation? I'm wondering about something like this:
> Lockable< array<int,100 > values;
> for (int i=0; i<100; ++i) {
> start_updater(LockableRef<int>(values,values[i]);
> }
> i.e. LockableRef contains a reference to the mutex and one element of
> its "parent" Lockable<>, and presents the same interface as a data-full
> Lockable<>.

I think what you would want to do is just create one scoped lock, perhaps
outside of the loop (a lock_acquirer in the lockable lib syntax) and use that
to access the values in the array. It could just pass an ordinary reference
to the start_updater function, as long as start_updater doesn't keep any
persistent copies of the reference around.

You do give me an idea though, I could make poet::monitor_ptr (pointer-like
monitor) constructible from poet::monitor (value-like monitor) which would I
think be similar to what you're getting at with LockableRef. It would
actually be very easy, since I implemented poet::monitor using monitor_ptr
(out of laziness).

Incidentally, I find the example usage of lock acquirers in the
thread_lockable examples a bit verbose and dangerous. That is stuff like:

mbox::writelock_acquirer<mutexlockable_int> int_lock(*pLockableInt);
int& i = access_acquiree(int_lock);
i = 5;

Why not just support operator* (and operator-> for calling class methods) on
the lock_acquirer class? Then you could do something like:

mbox::writelock_acquirer<mutexlockable_int> int_lock(*pLockableInt);
*int_lock = 5;

Its less verbose, and by using the lock_acquirer directly it reduces the
possibility of a dangling reference outliving the lock_acquirer it was
obtained from.

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