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From: Marshall Clow (marshall_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-03-30 13:35:25

Now that 1.35 is "out the door" (thanks to everyone for their hard
work!), I'd like to call people's attention to the contributed
patches in the Trac system.

If any of these are assigned to you - please take a look at them and:
        * Apply them
        * Decide if they would make things worse
        * Decide that they are no longer needed
[ In general, resolve them ]


11 dave
6 az_sw_dude
5 None
4 dgregor
4 agurtovoy
3 rogeeff
3 no-maintainer
3 doug_gregor
3 bemandawes
3 anthonyw
2 matias
2 kaalus
2 igaztanaga
2 hljin
2 grafik
2 danielw
1 vladimir_prus
1 ramey
1 pavol_droba
1 jsiek
1 fcacciola
1 dlwalker
1 djowel
1 chris_kohlhoff

None 1116 disable some warnings in msvc build
None 1182 Specifying character-set by the guideline and the inspect program
None 1335 g++ errors and warnings processing Boost.archive
None 1462 Missing/wrong includes
None 1526 [PATCH] Building boost 1.34 with Visual C++ 9_0 (Orcas)
agurtovoy 1049 Getting mpl/has_xxx.hpp to compile on AIX
agurtovoy 637 Adjusts mpl::pair concept to be compatible with STL pairs
agurtovoy 761 [mpl] evc4 port
agurtovoy 861 Detect nested template members with has_template_xxx
anthonyw 1556 Missing initialisations_ thread code now warning free
anthonyw 802 [thread] MSVS: Allow use of thread headers with /Za
anthonyw 868 [thread] thread_specific_ptr::element_type ?
az_sw_dude 1261 Boost.DateTime patch to support STLport's
az_sw_dude 1336 Accessing months with wrong namespace
az_sw_dude 1615 date_time g++-4.3 fix
az_sw_dude 1659 DateTime documentation - Fix a link to the
serialization library
az_sw_dude 1728 [date_time] unreferenced formal parameter warnings from VC9
az_sw_dude 827 Unused variable in format date parser
bemandawes 1090 scoped_file class that deletes file at end of scope
bemandawes 1609 patch to suppress warnings if
_CRT-/_SCL_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE were already defined
bemandawes 1681 patch for NTFS symbolic links
chris_kohlhoff 1341 unused argument and another g++ warning
danielw 1541 [parameter] Patch for missing includes
danielw 863 [parameter] fix operator|| for lazy binding
dave 1020 Boost.Iterator proposal to add is_constant_iterator
dave 1066 Patch to make Boost.Python compile on SunCC
dave 1271 unused parameter warning in release build
dave 1296 std::advance and std::distance for Boost.Iterator traversal
dave 1297 std advance and std distance for Boost.Iterator traversal categories
dave 1316 Support for generic function(*args_ **kwds) call operator.
dave 1519 lvalue-ness resurrection in transform_iterator
dave 1533 boost/function.hpp unneeded in transform_iterator.hpp
dave 1684 [python] Documentation patch
dave 857 add shared_ptr< const T> support
dave 903 inconsistent usage of function pointer typedefs
dgregor 1338 g++ warnings and incomplete header inclusions
dgregor 1664 Enhance configure to better conform to autotools conventions
dgregor 1685 [numeric/conversion] Fixed link
dgregor 1700 graph/floyd_warshall_shortest.hpp.patch
djowel 1529 Missing include statement
dlwalker 653 [integer] add support for integers longer than long
doug_gregor 1087 Mismatch between BBv2 and bjam toolsets in configure script.
doug_gregor 862 [utility] Make result_of handle lambda expressions
doug_gregor 870 boost::graph::graph_utility.hpp is_connected() bad call
fcacciola 1687 [optional] Fix some links
grafik 1031 AmigaOS fixes for bjam
grafik 1074 FreeBSD specific patches to boost 1.34.0
hljin 1377 Add ability to save RGBA image as TIFF with
associated-alpha (premultiplied) transparency channel.
hljin 1520 Missing include statements
igaztanaga 1661 [interprocess] Update some links for the combined documentation
igaztanaga 1709 message_queue documentation typos
jsiek 1591 Documentation Corrections - Non-Member Functions
kaalus 1536 Add missing template keyword to dependent type name
template instance
kaalus 1605 property_tree gcc-4.3 fix
matias 1521 Missing #include statements
matias 1690 [bimap] Small documentation issues
no-maintainer 1437 normal_distribution.hpp_ improvements to
distribution and possibly speed
no-maintainer 1702 serialization for Mersenne twister
no-maintainer 864 [lambda][utility] Make lambda support result<>
pavol_droba 1506 [string_algo] C4512 warnings from VC8.0
ramey 1418 polymorphic archive performance improvement
rogeeff 1169 errors in tutorial for test framework "new_year_resolution"
rogeeff 1432 Missing includes and same compiler warnings
rogeeff 998 prg_exec_fail2 fail on ppc
vladimir_prus 1534 Add support for winsdk 6.1.6000 to Boost.Build.v2

-- Marshall
Marshall Clow     Idio Software   <mailto:marshall_at_[hidden]>
It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion.
It is by the beans of Java that thoughts acquire speed,
the hands acquire shaking, the shaking becomes a warning.
It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion.

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