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From: Juergen Hunold (juergen.hunold_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-04-30 13:22:36

Hi !

I'm using Boost.Test for quite a while and now I wonder if the behaviour
of "--catch_system_errors" is correct.

I've attached a simple test case which just triggers a
simple "assert(false);".
Running the testcases with trunk bjam yields one failure and two passing
tests. See "test.log" for details.
Running the testcases against 1.341. yields three failures with
_different_ exit codes. See test_1_34_1.log

When looking at the output of trunk "with_catch.test", I see

with_catch: assert_test.cpp:13: void test_assert::test_method():
Assertion `false' failed.
<TestLog><TestSuite name="Master Test Suite"><TestCase
name="test_assert"><Message file="assert_test.cpp"
line="11">one</Message><Info file="assert_test.cpp" line="12">check
name="Master Test Suite" result="passed" assertions_passed="1"
assertions_failed="0" expected_failures="0" test_cases_passed="1"
test_cases_failed="0" test_cases_skipped="0"

So, some observations:
Obviously, the UTF succeds in catching the "assert".
The resulting message is not in the XML-Log
The return code is 0 (Success).

A quick look at the new docs prototype at

"If you got fatal exception somewhere within test case, make program
generate coredump by adding extra command line argument "

This was not easy to spot since the real test cases succeeded with error
code 0 and the message was hidden in the log file.

I found this because msvc on windows fires up an annoying debug window
instead. So it seems this is not working there.

So, my questions/suggestions are:

Is this a bug ? Or a feature ? And if its a feature, where can I find
the rationale ?

I think the caught assertions should lead to a non-zero exit code and a
failing test suite.

And it would be nice if they got properly XML-formatted (but after a
quick scan through the source, this seems difficult...)



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