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From: Anthony Williams (anthony.ajw_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-05-30 08:06:10

Johan Torp <johan.torp_at_[hidden]> writes:

> Anthony Williams-4 wrote:
>>> After thinking more carefully on the problem I've realized it is
>>> implementable using condition variables. Here is a revised proposal,
>>> which -
>>> for now - excludes barriers.
>> Given wait_for_any and wait_for_all (see my latest revision), I don't
>> think we need these more complex composite classes in many cases, and
>> where we do they might be better implemented specifically for the case
>> at hand.
> I agree we do not need this complex functionality in most cases. I too want
> to find a minimal interface which we can implement and get accepted into
> boost first, then we can add rich functionality - as Gaskill's proposal - on
> top of it. I hope we can find something much simpler than what I proposed
> without exposing the "completed callback". I fear that it might be difficult
> though.
> I don't think your proposed interface is powerful enough to implement
> composed futures, but I might be wrong. For instance, how would you
> implement future operators with it?
> future<bool> operator||(future<bool> lhs, future<bool> rhs);

Using wait callbacks:

    namespace detail
        template<typename R>
        class future_or
            boost::shared_ptr<packaged_task<R> > task;
            shared_future<R> lhs;
            shared_future<R> rhs;
            future_or(boost::shared_ptr<packaged_task<R> > const& task_,
                      shared_future<R> const& lhs_,
                      shared_future<R> const& rhs_):
            R operator()()
                unsigned const index=wait_for_any(lhs,rhs);
                return index?rhs.get():lhs.get();

            static void run(jss::packaged_task<int>& pt)

    template<typename R>
    unique_future<R> operator||(shared_future<R> const& lhs,shared_future<R> const& rhs)
        boost::shared_ptr<packaged_task<R> > task(new packaged_task<R>);

        return task->get_future();

Alternatively, you could have future_or spawn a thread to run the task
rather than do it lazily as a wait callback.


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