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From: Larry Evans (cppljevans_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-06-20 13:36:15

On 06/20/08 03:36, Phil Bouchard wrote:
> Hi,
> Upon trying to create the new shifted_allocator class that is instead to be
> passed as a template parameter on STL containers, I got stuck in a circle or
> errors. I came to realize there was not way to replace internal pointers
> used by containers with smart pointers... which is very unfortunate. There
> are different solution I could take but hopefully I won't need them.
> By trying compiling shifted_ptr_test2.cpp in the Sandbox we'll get the
> following errors. I believe shifted_allocator (in shifted_allocator.hpp)
> should be represented the way it is but I may likely got something wrong
> because I haven't followed the verdict on this in previous posts:
> ...stl_vector.h: In member function `__gnu_cxx::__normal_iterator<typename
> _Alloc::const_pointer, std::vector<_Tp, _Alloc> > std::vector<_Tp,
> _Alloc>::begin() const [with _Tp = boost::detail::sh::shifted_ptr<vector>,
> _Alloc = boost::shifted_allocator<boost::detail::sh::shifted_ptr<vector>
> >]':
> ...stl_vector.h:221: instantiated from `std::vector<_Tp,

Hi Phil,

Even if you could find some way for your allocator to work for vector, I
don't think it would work for other stl containers. These other
containers, e.g. std::list<_Tp>, use Allocator<_Tp>::pointer to point to
other elements in the container. AFAICT, what's needed for garbage
collections is Allocator<_Tp>::root_pointer. This would be
a *smart* pointer to the head of the list in the case of std::list<_Tp>
and all other pointer would just be _Tp*. In the case of
std::vector<_Tp>, I guess the start of the vector would be a *smart*
pointer to _Tp[]. The iterators for a GC'ed vector would have to
retain a copy of the root_pointer, I guess, in order to keep the
whole vector alive if even 1 iterator were still around.

Anyway, I encountered a similar problem with the policy_ptr
library I worked on years ago. The code used to be in
the sandbox; hoever, I can't find it now. However, FWIW, there's
this post:


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