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From: Phil Bouchard (philippe_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-07-21 07:56:53


If we look into sandbox/shifted_ptr/bits I've added an archive called
"". I archived it because of all the barking SVN was doing. By
unpacking this file we'll find:

These files are an overriden version of the Gnu Gcc's 3.4.x headers. Why
Gcc's? Because SGI headers are outdated by many years. Now if we compile
shifted_ptr_test2.cpp with the following then these headers will override
system ones which is perfect:
g++ shifted_ptr_test2.cpp -I ../../..

My example doesn't work anymore but compiles at least. I will work on the
problem but for now we can see the required changes to make STL compliant
with smart pointers in the patch files. I think this is great because this
can help unobfusticate the standards in this matter and containers using
smart pointers means better abstraction and goodbye to a lot of headaches if
we start using sorting, multi-indexing, graph, etc.

In the code itself I am propagating the allocator all over internal classes
(iterators & nodes) and now looks like the following:
   template<typename _Alloc>
   struct _List_node_base
     typedef typename _Alloc::template rebind<_List_node_base<_Alloc>
>::other _Node_Alloc_type;

     typedef typename _Node_Alloc_type::pointer pointer;
     typedef typename _Node_Alloc_type::const_pointer
     typedef typename _Node_Alloc_type::reference reference;
     typedef typename _Node_Alloc_type::const_reference

     pointer _M_next; ///< Self-explanatory
     pointer _M_prev; ///< Self-explanatory

     static void
     swap(_List_node_base& __x, _List_node_base& __y);

     transfer(pointer const __first,
       pointer const __last);


     hook(pointer const & __position);


Furtermore I took the liberty of mixing the Boost License with GPL because I
think these are compatible but feel free letting me know any problem this
may create.


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