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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-08-27 08:24:24

Robert Jones wrote:
> I am unclear of what the vault contains, and of its relation to the
> sandbox.
> The sandbox is a versioned repository, whereas the the vault appears
> not to
> be.
> What is the workflow here, if there is one? By what path do libraries
> arrive
> at
> Boost proper (ie. part of some release), and where in the process are
> the review points?

Both the vault and the sandbox provide alternative means developers can use
to make code still in development available: the vault provides zip file
downloads while the sandbox provides full version control when that's more
applicable. Developers producing code for Boost are free to use either,
both or neither depending on preference :-)

However, once a library has matured to the point that the author would like
it to become an official part of Boost, then they ask for a formal review of
the code (, and generally
also make a zip file available for download from the vault (just because
it's more convenient for potential reviewers that way).

Once code has been accepted into Boost and is in mainline SVN Trunk, some of
us continue to use the sandbox for general development as well. To pick an
example the Boost.Math special functions/distribution code has a branch in
the sandbox: new "experimental" developments go here, as do submissions from
new authors, then periodically when these are all looking stable they get
merged to Trunk for full testing, and then when that's all looking OK,
merged to the release branch for release. In contrast bug fixes to existing
code, generally go straight into the Trunk so that users can use these right
away, and likewise they tested in our test matrix right away. These get
merged back into the sandbox development branch at the same time as sandbox
changes are merged into Trunk. But anyhow, that's digressing from the
question :-)

HTH, John.

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