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From: vicente.botet (vicente.botet_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-09-01 19:23:24

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From: "Jaakko "Järvi"" <jarvi_at_[hidden]>
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Sent: Monday, September 01, 2008 7:19 AM
Subject: [boost] [review] Dataflow Review starts today, September 1st

Hi Stjepan,

Thanks for a so interesting library.

> This review focuses on the Dataflow.Signals layer of the library

Do you mean that the Generic Support Layer is not reviewed?

For the moment just some questions and remarks on the documentation (typos,

* What does it means D in the following Port Requirement. Is it a Component,
and the parameter (p) should not be a component instance?
Name Expression Result
Type Semantics
Get Default Port get_default_port<D,M,T>(p) p
Returns the port object.

* Could you be more explict here? "ComplementedPorts are useful in
situations where Port types are BinaryOperable in a one-to-one fashion (a
pair of Port types are each other's port complements), or in a one-to-many
fashion (a number of Port types have the same complement port). An example
of the latter is Dataflow.Signals, where any signal of signature T has a
complement port of type function<T>, and can therefore model
ComplementedPort, but function<T> cannot because there are many signal types
to which it can be connected. "

* In VectorPort Refines, the link PortVevtor is invalid, and PortVector is
not defined previously.

* The names PortVector and VectorPort are confusing.

* There is an error in PortVector Requirements
PortVector Traits traits_of<>::type PVT The ComponentTraits of the
Something missing between <> and the semantic do not conforms to the name

* Need to add in the notation What is M and c in PortVector Requirements.
GetPort get_port_c<M, I>(c) Returns the I'th PortVectorTraits exposed by C
The name get_port_c don not conforms very well to the semantics. Is
something wrong?

* What does M stands for in Component Requirements
GetComponentPort get_port<M, I>(c) Returns the I'th Port exposed by C

* In ComponentOperable the use of C seems more convenient than P?

* In "Setting up a producer Port and a consumer Port for VTK
Now that we have the mechanism"
What mechanism stands for (maybe this should be tag)?

Best Regards,


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