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Subject: Re: [boost] [Review] UUID library (mini-)review starts today, November 23rd
From: Andy Tompkins (atompkins_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-11-25 22:56:36

On Tue, 25 Nov 2008 20:03:22 +0100, "Rutger ter Borg"
<rutger_at_[hidden]> said:

< snip >

> Herewith my non-exhaustive review:
> I've looked at the library, good work, it looks very interesting. I
> did a quick reading, and in particular, I paid attention to the many
> of its intended uses (in the Rationale), and how this would have to be
> done in practice (the Interface).
> * The design notes state that it is based on X.667-E. This document
> describes three construction mechanisms: time-based, rng-based, and
> string-based. The proposal doesn't have the time-based constructor.
> Is there a reason why this is missing?

Only because I'm not sure how to implement the time-based construction
mechanism a portable way.

> * Is the boost namespace that cluttered that it isn't possible to
> hold "boost::uuid" in it? I think boost::uuids::uuid is kind of
> repetitive. (Or is there a policy against putting stuff in the
> boost root-namespace?)

I did this because of
But I have no problem doing something else if this list wants me too.

> * Construction is described in "Constructors" and "Construction" --
> this could perhaps lead to confusion?

Do you mean "Constructors" and "Creation"? Hmm, I'll give this
some thought.

> * In Representation: Is there a reason for a .to_string() member
> function instead of an operator std::string()? I.e., it reduces
> std::string s =
> u.to_string() to std::string s( u );

I tend to avoid implicit conversions. One can also use
boost::lexical_cast<std::string>(uuid). Again, if this list wants
operator std::string() and the like, I will add it.

> * Considering the examples in the Rationale and the available
> constructors: I'm curious how to easily "tag an object" using the
> provided constructors. By a random number? Or could I just pass the
> address of the object and use a string-based method? In other
> words, it would be nice if such an example from the Rationale would
> be topic of an example.

I think an example for this is a good idea. On way would be:

class Foo {
    // create a temporary generator (or pass one in the constructor
    // or create a singleton) and initialize m_uuid with it.
    : m_uuid(boost::uuids::uuid_generator()())

  const boost::uuids::uuid m_uuid;

> I vote for acceptance into boost, given that just a bit more attention
> is paid to a potential user's convenience.
> Kind regards,
> Rutger


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