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Subject: Re: [boost] is_convertible problems associated with move-only types
From: Howard Hinnant (hinnant_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-01-06 10:24:17

On Jan 6, 2009, at 4:53 AM, John Maddock wrote:

>> The intent is that in boost::is_convertible<From, To> From is now
>> considered an rvalue (unless From is a (lvalue) reference type).
>> This makes my test case happy. I can now move construct a
>> unique_ptr with a move-only deleter.
>> Fwiw, this definition of is_convertible is consistent with
>> std::is_convertible in N2800:
>>> In order to instantiate the template is_convertible<From, To>, the
>>> following code shall be well formed:
>>> template <class T>
>>> typename add_rvalue_reference<T>::type create();
>>> To test() {
>>> return create<From>();
>>> }
>>> [ Note: This requirement gives well defined results for reference
>>> types,
>>> void types, array types, and function types. -- end note ]
>> I've got a much more refined unique_ptr testsuite on the way which
>> will contain the unique_ptr header and test case for this (not
>> there yet, I'll post when it is).
> Howard, have you checked that this doesn't break any of the existing
> type_traits tests? If not can you let me have one (or more!) test
> cases for the problem so I can work on patching is_convertible here?

Hi John,

I haven't tested is_convertible at all, much less developed fixes for
all the different #else branches. Here's a simplified test case:

#include <boost/type_traits.hpp>
#include <boost/static_assert.hpp>

class move_only
     int data_;

     move_only(move_only& u);
     move_only& operator=(volatile move_only&);

     class rv
         move_only& r_;
         explicit rv(move_only& r) : r_(r) {}
         move_only* operator->() {return &r_;}


     operator rv() {return rv(*this);}
     move_only(rv r) : data_(r->data_) {}
     move_only& operator=(rv r) {data_ = r->data_; return *this;}

     friend move_only move(move_only& p) {return move_only(rv(p));}
     friend move_only move(rv r) {return move_only(r);}

     move_only() : data_(0) {}

move_only source() {return move_only();}

int main()
     move_only x = source();

If it compiles, it is good. My best guess is that it will be DOA on VC
++ unless the /Za option is used.

A VC++-no-/Za workaround for the move_only type is:

     move_only(move_only& u);
     move_only& operator=(volatile move_only&);
     move_only(move_only& u) : data_(u.data_) {}
     move_only& operator=(volatile move_only& u) {data_ = u.data_;
return *this;}

Various people here at boost probably already have better VC++-no-/Za
solutions. I don't have this compiler to experiment with.


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