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Subject: Re: [boost] MSVC9 SFINAE quirks?
From: Simonson, Lucanus J (lucanus.j.simonson_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-01-09 22:20:44

Steven Watanabe wrote:
> template <typename geometry_type_1, typename geometry_type_2>
> typename boost::enable_if<
> boost::mpl::and_<is_any_polygon_set_type<geometry_type_1>,
> is_any_polygon_set_type<geometry_type_2>,
> is_either_polygon_set_type<geometry_type_1,
> >,
> polygon_set_view<geometry_type_1, geometry_type_2, 3>
> >::type
> operator-(const geometry_type_1& lvalue, const geometry_type_2& rvalue) {
> return polygon_set_view<geometry_type_1, geometry_type_2, 3>
> (lvalue, rvalue);
> }

This won't work. In order to instantiate enable_if the compiler must instantiate both of its arguments. That means the compiler will try to instantiate polygon_set_view<> for every time the generic operator - in the stl is used for iterator arithmetic. Any error encountered trying to instantiate polygon_set_view will cause a syntax error and failed compilation even though the and_ evaluates to false.

To get around this I have added substitution failure when the first parameter is parsed:

  template <typename geometry_type_1, typename geometry_type_2>
  typename requires_1< typename gtl_if<typename gtl_and<
    typename is_polygon_90_set_type<geometry_type_1>::type,
    typename is_polygon_90_set_type<geometry_type_2>::type>::type>::type,
  polygon_90_set_view<geometry_type_1, geometry_type_2, boolean_op::BinaryNot> >::type
  operator-(const geometry_type_1& lvalue, const geometry_type_2& rvalue) {
    return polygon_90_set_view<geometry_type_1, geometry_type_2, boolean_op::BinaryNot>
      (lvalue, rvalue,
requires_1 is equivalent to enable_if, gtl_if returns causes substitution failure unless it receives gtl_yes. I'm hoping MSVC will accept this syntax; gcc does just fine.


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