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Subject: [boost] Future or Property Tree?
From: Ryan Gallagher (ryan.gallagher_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-03-03 02:43:16

Forwarding a question that someone asked in a trac bug,
"Will PropertyTree? make it into Boost 1.39.0???":

I guess this has to be asked at least once a year. ;-)

>From this thread it appears that the original author, Marcin, may
no longer be available to maintain this library. Was this ever
confirmed? However, a year ago Sebastian mentioned that he would
be willing to support the library. I don't know if this offer is
still good, but it seems that we should figure out what we're doing
with this library.

There was a list of items in the following thread about what Marcin
felt should be done before the release:

In that thread Marcin wrote:
IMO the issues that should be addressed before release are:
- Simplification by removing some of the template arguments
  (arguable - maybe someone is using that?)
- Figure out which parsers are unneccessary and get rid of
  them (cmdline parser?)
- Get some docs toolchain to work properly and provide up-to-date
  docs. Lots of the text can be ported over (and my monkey
  english corrected from the original docs.
- Speedup through use of a custom container (to replace std::list,
  needs some profiling work if it's even worth it)

I believe that some of the parsers were already removed from svn.

In the first link I posted (the trac ticket) were some patches I
gave a long time back for the docs in quickbook form + doxygen.
However, these were just meant to be a start based upon the original
documentation (with a few English grammar corrections) and aren't
really release-ready quite yet. (I'd have to see about getting the
doc toolchain setup again myself, which I don't remember working so
well on Windows, though Linux didn't give me any major problems.)

On top of this list, at this point I think there would may be a few
patches to review and apply from Trac.

Do we have a committed maintainer? Can we make any plan of action
for making this library release-ready or are we giving up on it?


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