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Subject: [boost] [shared] : container : any interest
From: Ingo.Loehken_at_[hidden]
Date: 2009-03-05 08:42:27


as a consequence of my daily work in COM design, it revealed, that most
often there are
only views into existing containers required, so copies can be delayed,
until container
invariants are viloated - elements are already shared, as they reference
pointers with
embedded reference counts.

Thus, the design fulfills the following objectives :
+ Every existing container can be adopted to be a shareable container.
  means, concurrent read and write access to elements. Container invariant
methods, such
  like insert for sorted associative containers, trigger a copy of the
+ Iterators are managed. This guarantees valid iterators, even if the
underlying container
  is copied, because of a container invariant modifying operation.
+ The existing concepts for containers are mapped to support shared
containers. This avoids
  any redundant code and provides maximum flexibility in combining
concepts via base class
+ Every shared container behaves simply like its stl or boost counterpart
(except unsorted,
  because of a current unsolved issue regarding the iterators in buckets,
requiring a second
  layer of managed iterators - imho inefficient), so that usage is as
simple as with original

A brief example

using boost::shared;

set<int> x, y = x; // y is attached to the same container as x, no copy
x.insert(3); // y gets detached from x, because set invariant
(sort order) is modified

list<int> x;
list<int> y = x;
y.front() = 8; // also modifies the value in x

list<int>::const_iterator cit(x.begin()); // attach iterator to
container shared by x and y
y.pop_back(); // detaches y from container
shared with x (container invariant)
std::cout << *cit << std::endl; // output : 8 (iterator still

Is there any interest for boost, to support such a library or is the
number of use
cases to small to introduce something like that ?

Thx, ILo.

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