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Subject: Re: [boost] [move] New version with move-aware containers library
From: Ion Gaztañaga (igaztanaga_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-04-13 04:26:40

vicente.botet wrote:
> Hi Ion,
> I think the first thing to do is purpose the Boost.Move library for review. And then ask for a mini review of the move-aware Boost.Containers. I'm sure you will find quicky a review manager.

Yes, but I would like to reach a consensus because usually boost reviews
require a lot of time and effort and my intention was to provide a very
simple and basic support for move semantics.

I sincerely don't have time to add more features to the library (I want
to work again Interprocess & Intrusive) so that it might be
disappointing to many (e.g.: we don't have move-aware algorithms). Any
help on this issue (anyone wants to contribute move-aware algorithms?)
would be appreciated.

An informal discussion between boosters interested in move semantics to
reach a consensus about the minimum features of the library would be a
good way to focus on those minimum features and introduce as soon as
possible move-semantics into boost.

> BTW, how far are the interface of these move-aware containers from the C++0x STL ones?

I'm not sure but they should be quite similar. They don't have concepts
or initializer lists but I've tried to follow the C++0x draft(e.g. they
include placement insertion, resize() no longer require
copy-constructible, just default constructible, ...). I would need to
review all of them to see how far they are. They also don't include
support for scoped allocators (...yet).

boost/container currently contains more containers than C++0x: we have
the ordered vector flat_xxx family, the good old slist (not
forward_list), the shared-memory compatible string and and the
move-aware, shared-memory compatible and largely undocumented version of
Joaquín's stable_vector. list, set-map are based on Boost.Intrusive.

I don't want to push all of them to the official containers library, but
I've put them there so that people can play a bit. But the final version
would have just the containers boosters consider essential.

> Best,
> Vicente



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