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Subject: [boost] request for interest in a garbage collection library
From: Achilleas Margaritis (axilmar_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-04-13 16:50:36


I have placed in boost vault a garbage collection library:

The major features of this library are:

1) it supports threads; a thread can allocate gc objects and send them
to other threads.

2) it is 100% portable c++; only boost and stl are used.

3) gc pointers can point to middle of objects and arrays.

4) block allocation and finalization are customizable. The collector
does not do any allocation actually, it only manages blocks.

5) the collector uses the classic mark & sweep algorithm.

6) it has good (or not that bad :-)) performance. On my test machine (a
dual core Pentium at 2.5 GHz with 2 GB ram), 50000 objects out of 100000
are swept in 63 milliseconds. Of course, this is due to boost::pool :-).

7) it works with STL containers (the 'how' is described in the readme).

The zip file contains a set of unit tests, the API documentation and a
readme file which explains the inner workings and the design of the

I would appreciate it if people could take a look and share their
opinions on it.

Best regards

Achilleas Margaritis

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