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Subject: [boost] [thread] on_tls_prepare in win32\tss_pe.cpp incompatible with static linkage to a /clr object
From: Matthew Chambers (matthew.chambers_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-04-23 15:47:31

I'm very interested in being able to have a native C++ executable which
makes use of boost's TSS and also be able to wrap .NET modules with
C++/CLI (i.e. /clr). And I much prefer it to be statically linked. The
C++/CLI wrappers work fine when they are dynamically linked, but they
cause a runtime initialization error (0xc000007b) whenever they are
connected in only static links. It doesn't matter whether the host
executable is compiled with /clr or not - somehow the MSVC linker knows
to add some CLR initialization voodoo to the PE header whenever a static
link to a /clr-enabled object is made. And that PE header voodoo seems
to be incompatible with some of boost::thread's own brand of PE header
voodoo which appears to be intended to provide TLS support for Windows.
But as far as I can tell, I was able to get TLS working with MSVC9 even
after commenting out the on_tls_prepare lines in tss_pe.cpp - commenting
out the other lines wasn't necessary:
> #if (_MSC_VER >= 1400)
> //#pragma section(".CRT$XIU",long,read)
> #pragma section(".CRT$XCU",long,read)
> #pragma section(".CRT$XTU",long,read)
> #pragma section(".CRT$XLC",long,read)
> static __declspec(allocate(".CRT$XLC")) _TLSCB
> __xl_ca=on_tls_callback;
> // static __declspec(allocate(".CRT$XIU"))_PVFV p_tls_prepare =
> on_tls_prepare;
> static __declspec(allocate(".CRT$XCU"))_PVFV p_process_init =
> on_process_init;
> static __declspec(allocate(".CRT$XTU"))_PVFV p_process_term =
> on_process_term;
> #else

I put together a test case that I'm pretty sure shows that TLS still
works without that function. At the very least, can there be some
preprocessor define to manually disable it for CLR compatibility? Or
perhaps there is a way to adjust this voodoo to be compatible with the
CLR initialization?

I'm hosting the test case at:

It includes a main function which runs a test of the TSS semantics, and
a CLR class which tests console output via C++/CLI. I included binaries
and the boost_thread.lib files for both the broken and "fixed" versions
of tss_pe.cpp.

Matt Chambers

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