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Subject: Re: [boost] boost interprocess linking error
From: Edouard A. (edouard_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-05-23 05:00:14

>The problem has nothing to do with the size of the functions.
>The problem is the local classes. MSVC, does not like
>local classes in functions defined in headers. Also, why
>are you declaring these static? The inline should be enough,
>and adding static causes technical ODR violations, and may
>prevent the duplicate definitions from being stripped out by the
>linker (I haven't tested this however).

I removed the static modifier, unfortunately it doesn't solve the problem.
Other functions do not have the problem, only unlink and get_handle. But I
agree with Steven, I don't understand the reason behind static inline and
the problem is probably the local class. Maybe moving the class out of the
function should fix things?

I unfortunately cannot test with another compiler, this is a problem found
by one present in one of my customer's source code, source code for which I
have no external access. This was Visual Studio 2005 SP1, AKA VC8.

I also don't understand why there is this:

      class auto_ptr
         explicit auto_ptr(mem_t *ptr) : ptr_(ptr){}
         ~auto_ptr(){ delete ptr_; }
         mem_t *get() const{ return (ptr_); }
         mem_t *operator->() const{ return this->get(); }
         mem_t *ptr_;
      } pmem(new mem_t);

Why not std::auto_ptr or boost::scoped_ptr?

As for

      class handle_closer
         void *handle_;
         handle_closer(void *handle) : handle_(handle){}
         ~handle_closer(){ close_handle(handle_); }
      } handle_closer(fh);


   class library_unloader
      void *lib_;

      library_unloader(void *module) : lib_(module){}
      ~library_unloader(){ free_library(lib_); }
   } unloader(hiPSAPI);

You can write boost::shared_ptr<void> auto_handle(handle, close_handle) and
boost::shared_ptr<void> auto_lib(module, free_library); Adding a dependency
to boost::shared_ptr sounds reasonable to me, but you're the boss. ;)


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