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Subject: Re: [boost] boost::directx?
From: Jeffrey Bosboom (jbosboom_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-06-07 13:48:51

Christian Schladetsch wrote:
> Greetings Arytom,
> It is very good to have a good C++ library for DirectX/Direct3D...
>> But it **does not** belong to Boost that is cross platform project.
>> Project that helps writing good software without vendor lock-in.
> Verily, you are not `boost`. I encourage others that are reading this to
> think for themselves and make their own opinions.

Well, I agree with him. I'm not "boost" either, though.

> Boost is about helping coders to make performant applications in C++.

Boost is about helping coders to make expressive, clear, correct, and
portable (note that those are all important) applications in C++.
Performance is secondary. (See "Aim first for
clarity and correctness; optimization should be only a secondary concern
in most Boost libraries."; "A library's interface must portable and not
restricted to a particular compiler or operating system.")

>> You can just create another library that may be tightly integrated
>> with Boost. But it does not have place in Boost, like many other good
>> C++ libraries that have no place in Boost.
> That is not your call.

It isn't your call either. It's the community's.

My opinion is that libraries do not belong in Boost merely because they
are useful.

>>> That audience not only includes but primarily consists of
>>> game developers.

I am skeptical of this assertion. Perhaps most game developers use C++,
but that does not imply that most C++ users are game developers.

>>> And they all use DirectX.
>> You wrong. I can give you a list of great games that use OpenGL like:
> This is not about OpenGL VS DirectX. I hope I will not get more tired of
> making this point: I want to help helping people make DirectX appications
> using C++ and boost.

I don't believe the poster was arguing the merits of OpenGL vs. DirectX,
merely pointing out that your assertion that "they all use DirectX" is

As for helping people use DirectX, C++ and Boost together, nothing is
stopping you from doing that. A library does not need to be part of
Boost to play well with Boost.

--Jeffrey Bosboom

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