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Subject: Re: [boost] [Christian S] Spirit and ANTLR - Request for example
From: Konstantin Litvinenko (to.darkangel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-06-09 12:36:18

John Phillips пишет:
> In general, this is a better way to critique by comparison. Provide
> actual working code for the comparison, and there is far less room for
> misinterpretation of intent or conclusions.

Okay, I will try.... :)

        When I decide to write my own Boost.Build v2 on steroids, first of all
I pick the Spirit as parser, because I knew it. After writing more or
less complex gramma I hit into slow edit/compile/run cycles. That was
annoying but I can live with it. But when I hit the gramma debugging I
gived up. For me debuging was impossible to do in any reasonable time.
May be I use Spirit in a wrong way, I suppose I am not, but I decide to
give a try to ANTLR v3. Now I can tell for sure - I will never use
Spirit for more-less complex gramma until at least it will have tool
like ANTLRWorks is. I am not a compiler builder expert, but experienced
C++ developer. I need the tool to solve problems. In that single example
Spirit doesn't solve my problems it only introduce new.
        Even in Hammer frontend I can't use Spirit I use it everywhere where I
need a small inline parsing. Before Spirit I have used boost.regex. But
since I learn Spirit I do not use it anymore. EBNF is much more readable
for me than regexes.
        That is my experience....

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