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Subject: Re: [boost] [boost::noncopyable] compiler warnings with the -Weffc++ flags
From: Daniel Frey (d.frey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-06-13 12:48:07

Hi Matt,

Sean reported the same underlying problem against the operators
library as <>. I applied
the fix as it was transparent for the users and also suggested a
similar change for noncopyable on the mailing list - but there wasn't
much interest IIRC.

The problem with the approach you described is IMHO that if you allow
noncopyable_<T> as an *alternative*, most people will likely ignore
it. OTOH, a breaking change - turning the classic noncopyable into a
template - might be too intrusive. Personally, I would not mind it,
since the compiler will catch all uses of noncopyable without a
template parameter and the required change is a no-brainer, so +1 for
the change from my side. Let's see if more people like the idea this
time :)

Regards, Daniel

On 13.06.2009, at 18:11, Matt Calabrese wrote:

> Perhaps slightly off topic, but I seem to remember a couple of years
> ago
> Sean Parent pointing out that noncopyable might be better
> implemented with
> CRTP. Has this been forgotten? I think the rationale was that if you
> have
> one child which inherits from two or more bases that inherit from the
> current noncopyable, the empty base optimization can't be used since
> each of
> the noncopyable bases have to have different addresses, so your
> type's size
> grows with each additional base that inherits from noncopyable. As
> well, I
> believe that certain compilers were producing spurious warnings if
> you use
> such multiple inheritance, suggesting to the programmer that
> noncopyable may
> be better as a virtual base (which it clearly would not). Making a
> noncopyable template, perhaps called noncopyable_ so that the two can
> coexist, that is implemented the same way but whose intended use is
> to be
> instantiated with the child type fixes these problems by making
> certain that
> all noncopyable bases in a hierarchy have different types, meaning
> that EBO
> may be used and there are no duplicate noncopyable bases.
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> -Matt Calabrese
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