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Subject: Re: [boost] RFC: interest in Unicode codecs?
From: Edward Grace (ej.grace_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-07-20 13:50:14

>> These are assumptions that I would probably be
>> happy to accept in my own internal-use code, but you are right to say
>> that they are probably not appropriate for library code. For library
>> code you would need to wrap the container with something that
>> guarantees
>> this behaviour in a more solid way. Out of interest, does anyone
>> know
>> if a std::vector that has been reserve()d guarantees anything about
>> dereferencing beyond-the-end iterators? It would be great if they
>> were
>> allowed to be undefined yet certain not to segfault.
> Undefined behavior. Don't do it.

I'm having precisely this problem with a home brewed strided_iterator

Given a std::vector<int> 'a' containing


I would like to sort the sub range defined by every second element
starting at index 1.

Conceptually something like:

ejg::striding_iterator<std::vector<int>::iterator> begin(a.begin()+1,2);


so that I obtain


While it works fine under g++, on MSVC it throws a segfault when
applying the prefix ++ operator since it attempts to dereference the
location one past one past the end.

Irritating beyond belief! As far as I can see there's no way around
this with bare iterators. Any suggestions?


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