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Subject: Re: [boost] regex/ICU fix
From: Vladimir Prus (vladimir_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-08-20 07:18:34

Beman Dawes wrote:

> On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 6:42 AM, Vladimir Prus<vladimir_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>> John Maddock wrote:
>>>> As reported previously, --build-type=complete does not work if
>>>> ICU is also configured. The below patch makes build process
>>>> suppress building static Boost.Regex in this case. The wording
>>>> is as follows:
>>>> ghost_at_wind:~/Work/Boost/boost-svn$ bjam link=static
>>>> runtime-link=static --with-regex
>>>> ....
>>>> warning: when using ICU, Boost.Regex must be a dynamic library
>>>> warning: forcing link=shared runtime-link=shared for Boost.Regex
>>>> Note: Building Boost.Regex with Unicode/ICU support enabled
>>>> Using ICU in  /usr/include
>>>> Note that the warning is printed before the message that we're using ICU,
>>>> which is ugly, but what I have is a minimal change. I'll tweak those
>>>> configuration messages for 1.41. Comments? Ok for release branch?
>>> Does this disable building for link=static runtime-link=dynamic ?  It looks
>>> like it does, but this configuration is OK, it's just the runtime that must
>>> be shared for things to work correctly.
>> Hmm, from the <link>shared requirement for all ICU targets I concluded that it's
>> the ICU libraries that are always shared. If you are saying that even while they
>> are shared, it's OK to have static regex link to shared ICU, provided shared
>> runtime is used, I can tweak the logic to force shared runtime only.
> Volodya,
> Once you and John are certain you've got the logic right, and tests
> are cycling OK on trunk, please do commit to release.

FWIW, tests won't catch any possible bugs with this patch. We don't
run runtime-link=static tests.

> I'll be traveling Friday and Saturday, but hope to get the release out
> at the start of the week. So it would be nice if all commits were
> complete by Sunday so tests have a chance to cycle.

Will try.


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