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Subject: Re: [boost] [rdb] 0.0.09
From: Jean-Louis Leroy (jl_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-09-28 12:26:49

> Concerning the transactions, I thought ODBC already was the common
> interface beginning, committing and rollingback transactions. Please
> see functions SQLSetConnectAttr SQLEndTran
That's how they are implemented in the current drop. However, my plan is
to support native bindings. In ODBC a transaction looks like this :

    set autocommit off
    do work
    commit or roll back
    do work
    commit or roll back

This pattern is directly reflected in the current implementation. See
the test suite in libs/rdb/test/test_odbc.cpp.

Other vendors may have a different pattern :

    begin transaction
    do work
    commit or roll back
     begin transaction
    do work
    commit or roll back

Of course I could say that all backends have three functions :
start_transaction, commit and rollback. In the case of ODBC
start_transaction would be a no-op. Or maybe it would turn auto-commit
off (and throw if the underlying db is not tx-capable). But I am
hesitating a bit. The current philosophy of my lib is much like C's :
you look at any piece of code and you know exactly how it will translate
into machine code. No hidden 17 dtor calls hidden inside a closing
brace. From that point you either use rdb to write apps or as a
foundation to build higher-level tools.

OTOH maybe I'm splitting hairs wrt transactions. Besides the two
patterns above, does anybody see a third possibility ? Nested
transactions ? They fit nicely in the second pattern...


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