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Subject: Re: [boost] [intrusive] rtti_base class proposition
From: Ireneusz Szpilewski (irek_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-10-20 13:47:38

Stewart, Robert wrote:Stewart, Robert wrote:
> Ireneusz Szpilewski wrote:
>> class rtti_base
>> {
>> virtual void _dummy() {}
>> };
> Once you have virtual functions, you need a virtual destructor.
Hence the base class should define a virtual destructor and then there's
no need for _dummy().
Great idea! :-D
>> Every class deriving from rtti_base can be queried
>> by means of RTTI, in particular rtti_base class
>> and dynamic_cast can be used in similar way
>> as IUnknown and QueryInterface() in
>> COM Object Model
> [snip]
>> The main purpose of this class is
>> to set some standard name for that
>> pointer type.
> Why is a common, standardized or de facto standard name needed? The
usual case is to create a base class for each context in which a common
base is desired.
Because that could be a C++ standard common class as Object in C# or
IUnknown in COM.
Let's call it object_t. ;-)
Just not forced by language rules, but used at will if needed.
Anyone could attach to it and have generic pointer to objects.

As in my example above, I have a room where are cats and girls.
I want to give milk to cats and kiss girls.

There are two classes:

class Cat
   void GiveMilk();

class Girl
  void Kiss();

they have really nothing in common, but objects of both classes are in
my room.
So I add to them something by which I can hold them all via pointers,
and, in addition, query about their types.

Let's suppose you have the same problem with different (or not) classes
and have used also rtti_base to hold them all.
Then we both win! You can insert your objects into my container,
and if by accidence they derive from Cat or/and Girl, they will be
pleased in my room. If I put my objects into your collection
std::stack<rtti_base*> for example, they can also be pleased if
you GiveMilk() to Cats and Kiss() Girls. :-)

(By the way std::shared_ptr<rti_base*> would give us
C++ equivalent of IUnknown interface with metods:

Ireneusz Szpilewski

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