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Subject: Re: [boost] [BGL] [PropertyMap] Key param is passed by value in put function
From: Cosimo Calabrese (cosimo.calabrese_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-11-18 10:01:20

Andrew Sutton wrote:
>> I've noticed that the put function that takes a generic put_get_helper map,
>>> takes a key param. The question is: why the key param is passed by value? Is
>>> any reason for this? The key value is not modified setting the property map.
> The original application of keys for property maps only covered some fairly
> trivial data types (ints, pointers, and pairs thereof). Passing by value is
> perfectly acceptable in these cases.
> It's likely that the compiler won't actually generate a copy anyways. The
> compiler is allowed to "elide" or omit a copy construction if it feels that
> one isn't necessary. There's a good possibility that your key isn't being
> copied anyways. Dave Abrahams gives a good account of copy elision here:

[MSVS 2005, WinXP]

Well, debugging in depth my code, every time I pass a variant key by
value, the following copy-constructor is called:

     variant(const variant& operand)
         // Copy the value of operand into *this...
         detail::variant::copy_into visitor( storage_.address() );

         // ...and activate the *this's primary storage on success:

When the function terminates, the automatic local variable is destroyed by


Yes, the original project of BGL uses simply integer types as
vertex_descriptor, but BGL is similar at STL, and so it is extensible.
Someone can creates new containers (graph implementations or graph
adaptors) that can use the existing generic algorithms (like Dijkstra),
that use the PropertyMap concept; but the code of the PropertyMap
implementation requires that the key type is simple. So the algorithm
requires it too, similar to a concept.

So, it can be said that the new containers that extends BGL must have
"simple" descriptors? I think it's an important limitation (perhaps
useless) to the extension of BGL.

What to you think about?

Unfortunately, now I've no time to read the Dave's article, but I'll
read it tonight.

Thank you,
Cosimo Calabrese.

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