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Subject: [boost] [MSM] Review
From: Kenny Riddile (kfriddile_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-12-01 15:39:22

This is my first time reviewing a Boost submission, so I'll do my best :)

First of all, I'm not going to compare MSM to StateChart for two reasons:

1) I haven't used StateChart
2) I see them both as being individually useful, even if they can solve
some of the same problems. Is there not overlapping functionality in
many STL containers? Still, they're all well-suited to particular problems.

  - What is your evaluation of the design?

I have been using MSM on and off since January 2009 and have seen the
design evolve as new features were added. I first used it in a simple
iPhone game which required a way to "update" an FSM's current state.
This feature was generalized into the current ability to "visit" the
current state. The more I used the library and communicated with the
author, it became clear that the design, and any changes to it, were
thoroughly thought-out. I especially like the clarity with which one
defines an FSM (specifically the transition table). The fact that a
single instance of each state is default-constructed and bound to the
FSM's lifetime is something that should be carefully considered when
deciding if MSM fits with a particular use-case. It was suggested in
another review thread that a mechanism to optionally pass prototypical
states in to a new FSM be added so that states didn't have to be
default-constructible. I agree with this suggestion. Aside from that,
the design has made it intuitive to accomplish everything I've tried to
do with MSM.

  - What is your evaluation of the implementation?

I've only looked at the implementation a few times over the last year
when trying to track down apparent bugs (which were all promptly fixed).
  Aside from those instances, I try to avoid looking at things that hurt
my brain. I've seen the code in "C++ Template Metaprogramming" that MSM
is based on, and consider it sound. Is there a test suite for MSM? Do
these tests pass on all platforms officially supported by Boost?

  - What is your evaluation of the documentation?

The documentation was invaluable when I was first playing around with
MSM. The examples are concise and clearly demonstrate what they are
meant to. I would prefer that the documentation be broken into multiple
pages similar to other released libraries.

  - What is your evaluation of the potential usefulness of the library?

I think MSM is useful because I have found uses for it. My only
significant experience with MSM has been in mobile game development, and
I have used MSM in one shipped iPhone game. It has worked very well in
particular situations, such as simple AI for a single game entity. The
"staticness" of an MSM FSM is advantageous in this example, since
constantly creating and destroying states can noticeably affect
performance when a large number of entities are present in a simulation.
  Conversely, I wouldn't use MSM to control the high-level application
flow of a game. I've found that the persisted states and
default-constructibility requirement end up being hoops to jump through
that just aren't worth it in this case where state transition speed
isn't a concern. Long compile times in the name of run-time performance
have never bothered me either. I can always upgrade my development
machine, but a customer can't upgrade their iPhone.

  - Did you try to use the library? With what compiler?

Yes. I've used MSM with MSVC9 and GCC compiling for the iPhone.

  - Did you have any problems?

I've found a bug or two when using MSM, but they were always fixed
promptly and correctly. There is of course the transition table size
limitation imposed by mpl::vector and the compiler.

  - How much effort did you put into your evaluation? A glance? A quick
reading? In-depth study?

I've used an earlier version of the library in a shipped product, and
I've played with recent versions prior to the review.

  - Are you knowledgeable about the problem domain?

I understand how FSMs work and what they can be used for.

  - Do you think the library should be accepted as a Boost library?

Yes, I absolutely think MSM should be accepted into Boost, and will
continue to use it regardless of the review results. I would like to
see the documentation restructured and the default-constructibility
requirement for states removed via the means already described. My vote
for acceptance is not contingent on these requests.

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