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Subject: Re: [boost] iPhone mangled symbol size explosion in release
From: Michael Marcin (mike.marcin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-12-18 11:48:55

Hello Michael,

> We're currently working to ship an iPhone application that makes heavy
> use
> of Boost.
> The compiled executable is absurdly large, partly to third party
> libraries,
> partly to our own insufficent coding practices, but strikingly it
> seems that
> (from looking at the executable in a hex editor) around 4MB of the
> 9.5MB
> app size is mangled boost function names. We are statically linking
> against
> the libraries in Boost we are using. Here are some examples:
> __ZN5boost13serialization9singletonIN
> S_7archive6detail11oserializerINS2_12
> xml_oarchiveEN6newton18Vector3InitializerEEEE12get_instanceEv
> __ZNK5boost6spirit8sequenceINS1_INS1_
> INS0_6strlitIPKwEENS0_4ruleINS0_7scan
> nerIN9__gnu_cxx17__normal_iteratorIPc
> SsEENS0_16scanner_policiesINS0_16iter
> ation_policyENS0_12match_policyENS0_1
> 3action_policyEEEEENS0_5nil_tESI_EEEE
> NS0_5chlitIwEEEENS0_6actionISJ_NS_7ar
> chive3xml11assign_implISsEEEEE5parseI
> SH_EENS0_13parser_resultISU_T_E4typeERKSX_
> AFAIK All application functions should have been hard-linked since
> we're statically linking and thus not require any type of named
> reference.
> Am I perhaps missing or misusing a Boost configuration setting or
> compiler flag?

An update for anyone that might run across this thread in a future archive

Problem may be solved. Apparently there is another switch in Xcode, called
"Deployment Postprocessing", which, if not turned on, means all the other
settings there (like strip symbols) are completely ignored.

Damned "intuitive" IDEs. App goes to 4.7Mb from over 9Mb.


Michael Marcin

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