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Subject: Re: [boost] asio::ip::tcp::socket and boost::thread
From: Phil Endecott (spam_from_boost_dev_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-01-06 12:46:56

xutm wrote:
> If i want to kill a thread which is no longer useful,
> I think i just need to call the two lines: " thrd->interrupt();" and "
> thrd->detach();" . But actully, the two lines cannot kill the thread.

POSIX defines a thread cancellation scheme in which a thread that is
blocked doing i/o can be killed, however nether Boost.Thread nor the
forthcoming C++0x std::thread allow this. If you are running on a
POSIX platform you can avoid those C++ thread libraries and manage
threads directly via the POSIX API, but in that case you have the
question of how cleanly the killed thread will terminate i.e. will it
call destructors. In general it will not do so, but GNU libc does call
destructors in this case. So you can get the behaviour that you want
if you are running on a GNU libc platform and if you're prepared to
write your own thread class. Otherwise, threads that are blocking
doing i/o are unkillable.

One work-around is to have a single thread doing all i/o using e.g.
select() to avoid blocking, and transfering data to and from the other
threads using condition variables. Those threads will block waiting on
the condition variables, and that blocking is interruptable with
Boost.Thread. (I don't know much about Boost.asio, but I would guess
that it has support for this sort of thing.) Or, just don't use threads.

Regards, Phil.

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