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Subject: Re: [boost] [gsoc]Intrest - big integer library
From: Paul A. Bristow (pbristow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-02-16 12:17:29

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> Subject: [boost] [Boost][gsoc]Intrest - big integer library
> I'd like to propose new library for boost - a Big Integer library.
> Boost has plenty of applications build upon it and some of them has to
> use integers greater that those ensured by C++ standard. What is more
> some of them needs even Pythonlike "unbounded" integers. What I am
> proposing is library implementing cross-platform library supporting
> such integers working as standard arithmetic type.
> Is it a good proposal for GSoC project and who would you recommend as
> a possible mentor for such project?

Of course, there is still a need for a Boost library to handle big ints.

But there are many conflicting 'absolutely essential requirements'.

For some a Boost licence is essential, for others using the definitive but
limited license GMP bignum is fine.

For some 256 bits would be useful, for others they must be infinitely

For some if it gets the right answer, time is unimportant - for others speed is

You should search through the archives for at least the following to see what a
minefield it is!

bigint Big integer library by Richard Peters

mp_int by Kevin Sopp

Introduction of numeric_adaptor - switching the underlying mechanism.

Arbitrary precision arithmetic

[mp_math] a multi precision signed integer library

Using NTL and MPFR

Many of the problems are also in testing and documentation to get something that
is good enough to review, revise, and revise and get accepted during the GSoC

Good luck!


PS Of course there is also a need for floating point ;-) But this is an even
bigger can of worms!

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