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Subject: [boost] [exception] virtual inheritance troubles
From: Eric Niebler (eric_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-02-26 00:33:56

In xpressive, I'm trying to follow the recommended use of
Boost.Exception and use virtual inheritance in my exception class,
regex_error. I'm also trying to hew as closely as possible to the
standard, which says that regex_error should inherit from
std::runtime_error. However, this simple use of Boost.Exception does not

   #include <string>
   #include <exception>
   #include <boost/throw_exception.hpp>
   #include <boost/exception/exception.hpp>

   struct regex_error
     : virtual std::runtime_error
     , virtual boost::exception
     explicit regex_error(std::string const& what)
       : std::runtime_error(what)

   int main()

On VC9, I get the following:

> C:\boost\org\trunk\boost/exception/exception.hpp(400) : error C2512: 'std::runtime_error::runtime_error' : no appropriate default constructor available

The trouble is that std::runtime_error does not have a default
constructor, and that boost::throw_exception doesn't simply throw the
exception passed to it; it throws an object of type of
clone_impl<regex_error>. Because of the virtual inheritance, clone_impl
needs to call std::runtime_error's directly, but it doesn't. It can't
know to do that in general.

What is the recommended practice here?

It actually doesn't seem to be particularly useful in this case to use
virtual inheritance because std::runtime_error inherits from
std::exception non-virtually. In order to avoid the pitfall described
here <>, it seems *ever* exception type in the
hierarchy needs to use virtual inheritance, and that unfortunately is
not the case for the standard exception hierarchy.

Eric Niebler
BoostPro Computing

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