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Subject: Re: [boost] [GSOC] summary of BigInt library details
From: Ankit Malpani (ankit.malpani_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-04-02 04:21:31

hello all,

thanks for the prompt replies. here are some issues (some carry forwarded
from previous mail) which need addressing.

[Scott McMurray wrote]
>For example, GMP has a function mpz_addmul(x,y,z) that we would rather
>write as x += y*z;
>My idea for the use of Boost.Proto is for its expression template
>transformation features to rewrite the easy-to-use syntax to take
>advantage of such optimized backend features.

thank you, that really clarified the issue rearding basing the frotend off

My question is - boost already has done work for handling big_integral
[boost/mpl/math/big_integral/] (saw it in archives dating back to 2005 refer
[1] )

so which backend option is more advisable:-
a) use these functions based off boost/mpl/math/big_integral/. if so can
someone please give a link to its documentation.
b) use a backend developed by me .(probably with the help non boost.math but
standard c++ libraries)

[Bruno Lalande wrote:]
>So to summarize, I can see 3 distinct actions:
>1) implement your BigInt backend
>2) provide a Boost.Math binding compliant interface for this backend
>3) implement a frontend for Boost.Math binding based on Boost.Proto

thanks for summing it up so precisely :)
could u please elaborate more on point 2, does it mean that the interface
being provided should be similar to those provided by Boost.Math ?

here is my refined project idea once again:-
1. provide the frontend which takes care of expressions like z += y*z (using
2. implement backend using :-
a) an implementation developed by me (using simple standard c++ library
b) using boost/mpl/math/big_integral/ . (if so please give me a link to its

moreover, is there any Boost specific format to be followed for submission
of the project idea?

i hope the community and gsoc mentors will help me out with these queries


Ankit Malpani
3rd Year Undergraduate | BE. Hons Computer Science
BITS Pilani Goa Campus

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