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Subject: Re: [boost] Review Request: Boost.Locale
From: Artyom (artyomtnk_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-05-24 07:53:18


> Artyom,
> So _if_ any supported locale can handle characters outside
> of BMP, the implementation will qualify as non-conforming
> according to this paragraph. I know that windows OS itself
> can handle such characters, so I'd expect supported std
> locales to be able to handle them as well, but I haven't
> checked that.
> Any clarification on this matter would be appreciated.

I was talking about **codecvt facet only** i.e. conversion
via imbue locale to file stream - and this is due to limitation
of definition of codecvt facet thats it.

Direct conversion functions like to_utf/from_utf has no this limitation.

All Boost.Locale support wide characters and it supports
characters outside of BMP for UTF-16 encoded strings.
If it wasn't it was absolutely useless software.

So don't worry...

As matter of fact Boost.Locale supports:

- narrow (normal) characters - char for 8 bits locale like ISO-8859-8.
- narrow (normal) characters - char for variable length locale
  like UTF-8 or even Shift-JIS.
- wide characters wchar-t for both UTF-16 (Windows) and UTF-32 (POSIX)
- C++0x char16_t/char32_t for utf-16/utf-32 if available

And of course the support is of all Unicode from 0 to 10FFFF.
Everything is fully supported.

Only issue that exists if codepage conversion via standard
std::loclae::codecvt facet due to its limitation.

And BTW I do not recommend use it widely as it has some other
issues as well.



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