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Subject: [boost] [xint] Sixth release, preliminary review again please
From: Chad Nelson (chad.thecomfychair_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-06-18 20:30:33

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The next iteration of the Extended Integer library (a arbitrary-length
integer math library) is now available in the sandbox (at
<>) and the Vault (at

I think it's nearly ready for an official review. :-)

The changes between this release and the last one are:

* Refined the use of Boost.Parameter. Now only fixedlength takes a
parameter; the other options are non-parameter types, which simplifies
both their use and their implementation.

* Minor redesign, taking advantage of proper policy-based design. nan()
and operator~() are now only available on nothrow and fixedlength types,
respectively, and is_nan() gets different definitions in the standard
and nothrow types.

* Added unsigned support, by request, with a variety of options for what
to do when a calculation results in a negative number.

* Added the difference function.

* Added support for wide-character strings, by request.

* Added the safe-bool idiom, by request.

This release, like the last ones, includes a slightly older version of
Ion Gaztañaga's preliminary Move library too. I haven't tested it with
the current version, but it should work with that as well. The Move
library is not used by default, and makes only a slight difference to
the speed when thread-safety is enabled.

Still on my immediate to-do list:

* Add support for GCC's -fno-exceptions option.

* Add more examples.
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Chad Nelson
Oak Circle Software, Inc.
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