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Subject: Re: [boost] [Log] Problem with Release mode build
From: Sivaram Kannan (siva.devel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-08-31 00:30:11


>Do I get it right that you built Boost.Log as
> dll?

I have a DLL application to which Boost.Log is linked with. I tried
building the boost with both options linkage=static, linkage=shared.

> If so, please elaborate what you mean by "not creating the lg object at
> all". Does execution reach this line? If not, then what happens before it?

Execution does reaches this line. But I could not see any instance
getting created in the Locals tab. I repeat the point that this works
well in the debug mode.

> I bet it is somehow related to the Log_Init function you call before it.

I am not very sure. Here is the function. I am calling this function

void Log_Init()

        boost::function< void (std::wostream&, boost::log::wrecord
const&) > formatter =
            << boost::log::formatters::date_time<
boost::posix_time::ptime >(L"TimeStamp") << L" *"
                        << boost::log::formatters::attr< int
>(L"Severity") << L"* " << boost::log::formatters::wmessage();

> sink = boost::log::winit_log_to_file(
            keywords::file_name = L"C:\\logtst.log", // file
name pattern
        keywords::rotation_size = 1 * 1024 * 1024, // rotate
files every 1 MiB...
                keywords::open_mode = std::ios_base::app,
                keywords::severity = debug,
                keywords::auto_flush = true


        // Register common attributes

What am I missing here?


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