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Subject: Re: [boost] [pool] detail/mutex.hpp may include windows.h and pollute namespace with windows definitions.
From: Marsh Ray (marsh_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-10-09 11:14:47

On 10/09/2010 06:19 AM, Joshua Boyce wrote:
> So, a definition which does not required the Windows headers would be as
> follows:
> #pragma pack(push, 8)
>> typedef struct _RTL_CRITICAL_SECTION
> {
> void* DebugInfo;
> long LockCount;
> long RecursionCount;
> void* OwningThread;
> void* LockSemaphore;
> void* SpinCount;
>> #pragma pack(pop)


namespace boost { namespace boost_windows_h {

#pragma pack(push, 8)
                void * reserved1;
                long reserved2;
                long reserved3;
                void * reserved4;
                void * reserved5;
                void * reserved6;

#pragma pack(pop)

} }

The 'typedef struct' thing is a holdover from C.

No reason to keep that struct tag, I don't think intended for use.
Leading underscores are reserved for compiler vendors (like Microsoft)
and organizations that ship non-standard headers (like Microsoft).

The field data seems to change with OS versions, so code is not supposed
to rely on it. The fields are effectively reserved.

Personally, I'd use a lowercase struct name (it's not a macro after all)
and omit the silly typedef. I'd be less concerned with it looking like
the official headers if the point is to not include them. Just re-use
the minimum needed for compatibility, which in this case is just
sizeof() and __alignof().

- Marsh

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