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Subject: [boost] [proto] Writing a transform to get at an inner constant of a transform result type
From: Sebastian Redl (sebastian.redl_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-10-12 06:14:20


The subject is probably very confusing. I'm back to playing with a
proto-based library for vector types. I have a basic underlying vector
template, simd_impl:

template <typename T> struct simd_impl {
   static const size_t size = VECTOR_BYTES / sizeof(T);
   // data

And I have a grammar, Simd

struct Simd : proto::or_<
   SimdLiteral, SimdUnary, SimdVectorBinary, SimdMixedBinary
> {};

where SimdLiteral is an enumeration of proto::terminal<simd_impl<T>>
where T are various underlying types, SimdUnary are unary operations,
SimdVectorBinary are combinations of two vectors, and SimdMixedBinary
are combinations of vectors with scalars.

SimdVectorBinary is currently defined approximately like this:

struct SimdVectorBinary : proto::or_<
   proto::when<proto::plus<Simd, Simd>, exec::simd_plus(Simd(_left),
   // more operators here
> {};

Now I want to validate, in the grammar, that you only add two vectors of
the same arity together. That is, I'm fine with adding simd_impl<long>
and simd_impl<int> together if they have the same size, because both
have the same number of elements, but adding simd_impl<short> and
simd_impl<int> together doesn't work, as one has twice the number of
elements as the other. But I can't figure out how to write a grammar
that validates this.

I've started something like this:

struct VSizeMatches :
   proto::if_<mpl::equal_to<Arity(proto::_left), Arity(proto::right)>()>

but I think that's wrong, and I can't figure out how to write Arity
anyway. Basically, I have to find the simd_impl<T> type that the result
of my Simd transform has and then access the size member. But I'm kinda
afraid that this will get me into a world of trouble with prematurely
instantiated templates.

Any advice?


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