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Subject: Re: [boost] Sandbox cleanup
From: Thomas Klimpel (Thomas.Klimpel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-11-30 13:53:15

Vladimir Prus wrote:
> Uhm, is this really necessary? We will never cleanup sandbox if we wait
> for OK from anybody who ever comitted anything. After all, it's only
> sandbox, and the proposal is to move things around, not to remove or
> change in unobvious ways.

The only remaining "recently" active projects in boost/libs seem to be

algorithm + minmax_macro

It probably won't be too difficult to contact the corresponding authors.

> So, can we just agree on layout, and then I can do "svn mv" as
> necessary?
> In fact, it's probably easier than I though. We have both /sandbox and
> /sandbox-branches.
> So, how about this:
> 1. Declare that /sandbox should follow <library>/{boost,libs} layout.
> 2. Move everything else into /sandbox-branches


> ?

We should probably extend <> to mention "sandbox-branches" / "sandbox-tags" and explain how those are intended to be used. Because, if I understood you correctly, you also want to move the subdirectory "SCons" to branches, as well as the "Some directories named after specific people."

On the other hand, I hope we agree that it's OK that projects (subdirectories) like "boost_docs", "committee", "documentation", "SOC", "win32-doc-tools" (and other similar projects I missed) will stay where they currently are, and that we also agree that it's OK for similar project in the future to follow the example of these projects. Since these projects are not libraries, and don't include a complete clone/branch of trunk, it only seems fair to treat them in a similar way as the libraries are treated.

One remaining issue is that many libraries currently have the structure
My personal opinion is that this is OK, since I never saw that "sandbox-branches" was advertised instead. So if we would want to change this, we should start with a phrase like "We encourage developers to migrate ..." on <>, and then wait for some years before we take any further action on this.


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