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Subject: [boost] [Bug Sprint] Status for Saturday, December 4th
From: Marshall Clow (mclow.lists_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-12-04 10:38:54

There were only 6 changes to the trac database yesterday - mixed in with a lot of spam
[ I'd like to say "6 tickets were changed", but some tickets were changed more than once. ]

The decrease in activity continues. It's time to ramp it up - there are only three more days in the Bug Sprint.

In the last bug sprint, we closed almost 200 tickets (not 100 - I misremembered).
So far this time, we're down a (net) 15 tickets from the start of the sprint!
If you think it's too late to get involved - you're wrong!

A couple of notes:
1) Please log into the Trac system before you add/modify a ticket. "Anonymous said:" is hard to follow up.
2) It is perfectly OK to add a comment to a ticket that says "I tested this patch on my system (foo, gcc, etc) and it worked fine/didn't work/etc"

General information about the bug sprint is here:
General information about how the Trac system works is here:

Overall bug count:
November 26: 946
November 27: 939
November 28: 930
November 29: 934 (whoops, that's the wrong direction!)
November 30: 931 (better, but the delta is too small)
December 1: 929
December 2: 930
December 3: 933 (ouch!)
December 4: 931

Activities on the trac system yesterday:
        bemandawes 2
        anonymous 1
        ramey 1
        degtyariov.a@ 1
        m_fedyszyn 1
        --others-- 0

Useful reports: -- full list of tickets -- ticket counts by owner -- ticket counts by component -- ticket counts by ticket type -- ticket counts by milestone

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