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Subject: Re: [boost] pimpl library proposal
From: Krzysztof Czainski (1czajnik_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-12-08 11:08:57

2010/12/7 Vladimir Batov <vbatov_at_[hidden]>

> See if the pimpl proposal currently sitting in the review queue
Hello Vladimir,

I took a look at Your pimpl code. I'm afraid it doesn't look like something
I'm looking for.

Here is a list of my expectations of pimpl. Suppose the implementer is
preparing a class MyClass. A user is someone using MyClass.
1. Pimpl should hide the implementation. Your pimpl does that well.
2. Pimpl should automate construction and destruction of the Impl struct.
Your pimpl does that, but lacks a way of customization of the copying
policy. And perhaps a way of customization of the creating policy, a factory
of some sort...
3. The user should have no way of telling if MyClass uses pimpl or not. It
should be totally transparent. With Your pimpl, MyClass inherits from
pimpl_base, bringing in a lot of operations: operator*(), operator
bool_type() and others. They are protected, but they still are there -
potentially conflicting with operators, that MyClass might be providing for
the user. Therefore I'd prefere making pimpl a member over inheriting from
4. Customizability of pimpl: the implementer might want one of different
approaches to copying: a) disallow, b) share, c) clone, d) others like COW.
I'm not sure which of these Your pimpl provides. I would recommend a
template parameter to choose a policy. It might be just a smart pointer
owning the Impl object.
5. Pimpl should not do more, then there is to the pimpl idiom. That is, it
should hide the implementation. But it should not implement features like
operator !=, when the implementer might not want those. Library operators is
for that. Or it should not implement the possibility of a null object -
boost::optional is for that.
6. You write about pimpl and dynamic polymorphism. I think pimpl should have
nothing to do with polymorphism. Any polymorphic part of a class, even a
private virtual function, isn't truly private, so it shouldn't be in pimpl.
And everything that is in a pimpl should be truly hidden, even from the
derived classes. Te derived class should not be able to tell if MyClass even
uses pimpl or not. And the derived class might as well have it's own pimpl.

See if the pimpl proposal currently sitting in the review queue meets your
> needs. If not, let's extend it.
> Best,
> V.

Well, in my opinion, the pimpl You propose does too much things, that I
wouldn't want in it. They might be useful sometimes, but not always. But
that opinion might be based on the fact, that I understand the pimpl idiom
differently. I use the approach similar to Herb Sutter's:

I think Your pimpl lacks a good enough way to customize the copying and
creation policies, but I suppose You wouldn't have anything against adding

Regards, Kris

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