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Subject: [boost] [Fusion] begin/end ADL issues with C++0x range-based for
From: Michel MORIN (mimomorin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-12-18 06:35:40


In some cases, Fusion Sequence cannot be used in
C++0x range-based for (available on GCC 4.6 Pre-Release).
For example, this code

    #include <vector>
    #include <boost/fusion/include/vector.hpp>

    int main(int argc, char* argv[])
        typedef boost::fusion::vector<int, int> sequence;

        for (auto x : std::vector<sequence>()) {}

        return 0;

does not compile.

The C++0x range-based for
    for (auto x : std::vector<sequence>()) {}
is equivalent to
        auto&& rng = std::vector<sequence>();
        for (
            auto it_begin = begin(rng),
                 it_end = end(rng);
            it_begin != it_end;
        ) {}
Note that rng has std and boost::fusion as its associated namespaces
and the unqualified begin/end function call triggers ADL.

The reason for the compiler errors is that the call to begin/end
is ambiguous between std::begin/end and boost::fusion::begin/end.
(Also boost::fusion::begin/end tries to instanciate
 result_of::begin/end::<std::vector<sequence> >
 which leads to a compiler error.)

These compiler errors can be avoided by using SFINAE
(lazy_enable_if with "is_sequence" metafunction)
to boost::fusion::begin/end:

    // <boost/fusion/sequence/intrinsic/begin.hpp>
    template <typename Sequence>
    inline typename
          , typename result_of::begin<Sequence>
>::type const
    begin(Sequence& seq)
        return result_of::begin<Sequence>::call(seq);

I attached a patch (against trunk) and a test case.
The test case does not compile before applying the patch,
but compiles fine after applying the patch.
Joel and Christopher, what do you think about this change?


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