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Subject: [boost] Compiler error in gcc3+ involving template template parameter and default parameters
From: Edward Diener (eldiener_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-01-15 22:41:05

I am showing this gcc3 bug just in case any other Boost developer has
run into it and knows some easy workaround. It will save me some time as
the workaround in the actual case, which is more complicated, is very
laborious as I envision it ( I have not yet attempted to code up the
laborious workaround ). I ran into this type of case as the problem in
my tti library which is keeping it from supporting gcc3+.

Here is the simplified code, called TestGcc3.cpp. I have removed all
Boost dependencies to make it as simple as possible to see:

"template<class T>
struct eval;

   template<class> class F,
   class P1
struct eval<F<P1> > :
   F<typename P1::type>{};

   template<class,class> class F,
   class P1,
   class P2
struct eval<F<P1,P2> > :
   F<typename P1::type,typename P2::type>{};

struct noparam
   typedef noparam type;

   class T,
   class P = noparam
struct ptmf
   typedef int type;

   class T,
   class P = noparam
struct tkf :
   eval<ptmf<T,P> >{};

template <class T>
struct ATemplate
   typedef T type;

int main()
   tkf<ATemplate<int> > aVar;
   return 0;

The compiler command line, which is essentially what bjam generates, is:

"g++" -ftemplate-depth-128 -O0 -fno-inline -Wall -g -c "TestGcc3.cpp"

The error message is:

"TestGcc3.cpp: In instantiation of `tkf<ATemplate<int>, noparam>':
TestGcc3.cpp:52: instantiated from here
TestGcc3.cpp:42: error: ambiguous class template instantiation for
`struct eval<ptmf<ATemplate<int>, noparam> >'
TestGcc3.cpp:19: error: candidates are: struct eval<F<P1, P2> >
TestGcc3.cpp:10: error: struct eval<F<P1> >
TestGcc3.cpp:42: error: invalid use of undefined type `struct
  eval<ptmf<ATemplate<int>, noparam> >'
TestGcc3.cpp:2: error: declaration of `struct eval<ptmf<ATemplate<int>,
noparam> >'
TestGcc3.cpp: In function `int main()':
TestGcc3.cpp:52: warning: unused variable 'aVar'"

I am looking for a workaround for gcc3+ compilers which does not involve
getting rid of the default parameters. If I remove the default
parameters, and change the instantiation of tkf to:

tkf<ATemplate<int>,ATemplate<int> > aVar;

the compile is successful and there is no error. This is of course a
very simplified illustration of much more complicated code and
maintaining default parameters within the more complicated situation is
a much cleaner syntax than an alternative, even if I can get an
alternative to work correctly without default parameters.

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