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Subject: Re: [boost] [locale] Review: Build
From: Gevorg Voskanyan (v_gevorg_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-04-16 10:32:00

Artyom wrote:
> Gevorg Voskanyan wrote:
> > line 130: There should be a space between '!' and '<target-os>cygwin',
> >otherwise
> >
> > the whole condition will never evaluate to true
> Good point.. Why bjam does not warn?

I agree it would be good if bjam gave a warning in such cases.

> > line 200: doesn't posix backend work for BSDs other than darwin?
> No only Mac OS X (and I think Darwin) and Linux support this.
> It is relatively new standard POSIX 2008.

Ok, thanks, now I see it documented in using_localization_backends.html

> > line 288: Being a vim user myself I appreciate this, but in general tabs
> >not
> >
> > allowed in code per Boost's development policy. Users of other editors
> >not
> >
> > be happy with tabs here :)
> >
> Actually it says use spaces instead of tabs and use tabs of 4...
> This line saves me lots of headache all over the code.

Yes, but still there are tab characters physically in the file, and
Boost.Inspect will not like that.

> > General remarks:
> >
> > As a Boost.Build user I would see it very beneficial when using
> >to
> >
> > be able to have ICU build from source with BB just like the other 3rd party
> > libraries commonly are. For it to work Boost.Locale Jamfile can check if a

> > project /icu is available, and if so use /icu//icu as source and skip ICU
> > configuration checking together with options for linking to prebuilt ICU.
> > I can prepare and propose a patch for this if that scheme is OK with you.
> >
> By no means.

Why? It would take only about 5 lines of code to support that.

> ICU is very-very complex library that has its own autotools based
> build system that by no means can be easily (if at all) ported
> to BBv2.

Perhaps not easily, but I'm sure it's doable.

> I have enough bad times with BB building a relatively
> simple library Boost.Locale...

I was not suggesting for *you* to port ICU to BB, of course not. I understand
it's not a trivial task, and I remember well the struggle you went through to
have Boost.Locale to build with BB. BTW, thanks for not giving up in the middle!
Your persistence with bringing Boost.Locale to where it is now benefited the
community. And it would not be polite, to put it mildly, had someone asked you
to do that porting.

So what is the problem for Boost.Locale to accommodate to a user who has ICU
ported to BBv2 for his needs?

> Thanks,
> Artyom


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