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Subject: Re: [boost] [locale] Formal review of Boost.Locale library EXTENDED
From: Artyom (artyomtnk_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-04-20 10:06:20

> I don't understand what are you trying to solve by that so called solutions. > > Solution A does not work at all. > There is no guarantee ordinary string literal is UTF-8 encoded.(and it > always isn't in MSVC). > You are right, I missed it. After digging a little I've now surprised how broken MSVC's behavior is $%&#%$^&#%^#%^#$%^#$%^#$%^ Seriously... - Without BOM I can't get L"日本語" as UTF-16 to work when the sources are UTF-8 (however char * is valid utf-8), It works only when the sources are in the current locale's encoding that actually may vary from PC to PC so it is totally unreliable. - With BOM while I get L"日本語" as UTF-16... I can't get "日本語" as UTF-8 at all it still formats them in current locale, which is unreliable as well. But you know what? It just convinces me even more that ASCII strings should be used as keys with all this nonsense with MSVC compiler. > > Solution B... What are you doing? > Isn't wxtranslate(WTR("日本語")) ended up pointer to const wchar_t that > refers to L"日本語" ? > It does nothing except it works as a macro which add L encoding prefix. > If so, I'd rather write L"日本語" directly. > I see why the second case does not work unless your "ids" are in Shift-JIS. Any way, the things you say even increases the total mess exists in current charset encoding. From all compilers I used (MSVC, GCC, Intel, SunCC, OpenVMS's HP) all but MSVC handle UTF-8/wide/narrow characters properly. I'm sorry I was thinking about it too good things. This way or other it convinces me that you can relay only on ASCII. Artyom

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