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Subject: Re: [boost] Boost.Locale and the standard "message" facet
From: Artyom (artyomtnk_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-05-05 09:24:18

> > Now I hope it is clear now? A constant keys > > just create additional indirection level. > > > > Am well aware how it works but the problem is that you don’t seem to be aware >of any limitations in the process. > > 1. You are hard coding stuff which can henceforth NEVER be changed (since it >is the primary key > into the translation data...base) despite the fact that it SOMETIMES it >benefits considerably > from being changed - for clarity. > First of all if the original string is changed then you also must revisit the translation string, in this case the "key" = "original" text is very important. And if the change is relatively small it would be marked as fuzzy and translator would be able to see if he needs to keep current translation or update it. > 2. Your binary is bloated with text > Really? Have you ever did any measurements? For example gtranslator - a GUI program written in C that is used for work with po/mo gettext files. Symbols in ELF: 36577 bytes Translation keys: 10324 bytes! And this is C! Now support or RTTI and class names of all templates, all symbols are very small not like the symbols of STL that can take several K of text to mangle them and so on. Texts are small. Really, there is no bloat in putting texts into executables. >[snip] > I dunno Artyom, localisation has a very long history. > It isn't something new you know. Meaningless keys for > translation are the majority solution in Windows world > and are not on the way out at all. > Nobody uses today integers, even Java and .Net use some textual identifiers and never numbers. It just does not work well. And of course Boost.Locale allows you to use arbitrary text as key... You can write translate("menu.file.title") without problems if you really want to... But it is not recommended. > [snip] > > You should know that gettext was a quick and dirty hack to start with. It is not "hack", because other localization systems like Qt uses same concept, and they know a things or two in UI development: Please, before anybody suggests once again about using "integers" as keys... Take a look on the current localization world... LoadString and its POSIX friend catgets are in the past. Best, Artyom

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