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Subject: Re: [boost] boost.atomic and boost.lockfree backports
From: Tim Blechmann (tim_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-05-30 09:26:50

hello bryce,

i went through your implementation and the paper in detail and have a few

* dequeue should contain atomic<anchor> instead as anchor wrapping atomic<pair>,
as it makes the code way more expressive. currently there is no way to see
when/why/which operations are actually atomic ...

* related to that, it is not really clear, which memory barriers are required
where and why ... specifying them explicitly instead of using the default
memory_order_seq_cst may be very useful in terms of performance

* you can use compare_exchange_weak instead of compare_exchange_strong, if you
check the result.

* it might make sense to add padding between pool and anchor and in the node
between left and right

* // FIXME: Should we check both pointers here?
  ... both pointers are updated atomically ... so i do not think so ..

* line 417/478 ... no need to increment the ABA tag: you change the pointer from
a non-zero value to NULL, so no ABA problem can occur

* line 440/501 ... no need to increment ABA tag here, either: you change r or l
to prev, which cannot be identical, so no ABA problem can occur

* afaict, the dequeue will only be lockfree on non-ancient x86-64 architectures,
supporting 16byte CAS ... no ppc/x86 ... probably no mips/alpha. therefore a
fixed-sized version of the algorithm will probably be very useful, using integer
indices instead of pointers ...

* tagged_ptr_pair could simply be implemented as std::pair<tagged_ptr>, of as
struct {tagged_ptr left, right;}; no? that should make the implementation more
generic and does not assume any platform specifics ...

* an integration into the boost.lockfree testsuite would be nice ...

cheers, tim

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