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Subject: Re: [boost] [heap] A performance test and some questions
From: Tim Blechmann (tim_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-06-19 09:28:15

hi thomas,

> > I now also included pairing_heap and skew_heap in the performance test.
> > However, I get a segfault for pairing_heap when running the "Linear
> > Forward" performance test. That's the place with "// if (0)" in the
> > attached file.
> > When I uncomment that line, I get the following results (linux32):
> I now also tried to compile the extended benchmark with MSVC-9 and MSVC-10.
> I get a compile error at skew_heap.hpp in line 682:
> 678: class skew_heap_mutable:
> 679: public detail::skew_heap<T, store_parent_pointer<true>, A0, A1,
> A2, A3> 680: {
> 681: private:
> 682: typedef detail::skew_heap<T, store_parent_pointer<true>, A0, A1,
> A2, A3> super_t;
> It strikes me as odd that line 679 doesn't generate a compile error, even
> so it looks nearly identical to me. Perhaps the problem is caused by the
> fact that detail::skew_heap has a member variable with the name
> store_parent_pointer? Anyway, I replaced "store_parent_pointer<true>" with
> "boost::heap::store_parent_pointer<true>" and then everything compiles
> fine.

thanks! i cannot test with msvc, but only with gcc, clang++ and icc ... will
commit this fix ...

> Before I did that, I tried my luck with the "address_review" branch/head
> from the boost_heap git repository (instead of the "master" branch/head).
> I got a compile error for detail/ordered_adaptor_iterator.hpp for line 51
> then (error C2529: 'abstract declarator' : reference to reference is
> illegal). I looked up in boost::iterator_facade that "class Value" was
> expected at that position, so I replaced "ValueType const &," with
> "ValueType," and it compiled fine. However, this fix seems to change the
> semantics, so I also checked that not just

will have a look at this ...

thanks, tim

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