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Subject: [boost] [filesystem] Partial fix for POSIX locale("") problems; tickets 4688, 5100, 5289
From: Beman Dawes (bdawes_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-07-02 11:33:03

AFAIK, the problems discussed here are non-issues for Windows and Mac
OS X, so you can ignore this post if you only care about those two
operating systems. fixes the problem of
misconfigured POSIX system throwing an exception before main() has
started. See:

There are at least two remaining problems:

* There may be other BSD based operating systems that like Mac OS X
should not even try to use std::locale("") to get the codecvt facet
for conversion between wide and narrow strings.

If you know of such a system (FreeBSD? Solaris? Others?), please let
me know (1) the system, (2) the predefined macro to use to identify
the system, and (3) what codecvt facet should be used instead.

* For systems such as Linux, the code is currently still assuming that
if std::locale("") throws, the best action is to let that exception
propagate up the call stack.

One of the tickets [5289] supplies a patch that tries various
alternatives, and eventually falls back on the Boost UTF-8 codecvt.
See below.

It strikes me that such fallbacks are better left to user code. User
code can always try {path(L"foo");} and then imbue their preferred
fallback facet. What do others think?


+ // Get default OS encoding
+ char const *plang = getenv("LC_CTYPE");
+ if(!plang)
+ plang = getenv("LC_ALL");
+ if(!plang)
+ plang = getenv("LANG");
+ if(!plang)
+ return global_loc;
+ std::string lang = plang;
+ size_t charset_start = lang.find('.');
+ if(charset_start == std::string::npos)
+ return global_loc;
+ charset_start ++;
+ size_t end_of_charset = lang.find(charset_start,'@');
+ std::string encoding = lang.substr(charset_start,end_of_charset -
+ for(size_t i=0;i<encoding.size();i++) {
+ if('a' <= encoding[i] && encoding[i]<='z') {
+ encoding[i]=encoding[i]-'a' + 'A';
+ }
+ }
+ //
+ // Support at least the most popular and widely used encoding
+ //
+ if(encoding!="UTF-8" && encoding!="UTF8")
+ return global_loc;
+ std::locale loc(global_loc, new
+ return loc;

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