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Subject: Re: [boost] Which compilers are not supported for 1.48 ?
From: Joshua Juran (jjuran_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-07-19 22:41:52

On Jul 15, 2011, at 2:00 PM, Antony Polukhin wrote:

> Are really old and broken compilers still supported? Do we need them?

Some targets are only supported by really old compilers, like
Metrowerks C++ circa 2000 for 68K Mac OS. PowerPC gets only one
upgrade further if you insist on self-hosting (i.e. building on the
targeted platform) outside of the IDE (in a scriptable command shell).

(Whether anyone should be targeting these platforms in the first
place is an advocacy conversation I won't entertain here.)

> May be we shall get rid of compilers, that do not support template
> partitial specialization, ADL or SFINAE?

There's no need to "get rid of" anything. I simply refrain from
using Boost libraries requiring SFINAE in programs targeting these
platforms. Frequently I'm better off using something less header-
heavy anyway, due to the slow I/O during preprocessing and poor
inlining of function templates.

As for already-written libraries like shared_ptr, I expect that some
breakage may occur between releases. All I ask is that my patches be
considered, and either accepted or appropriately critiqued. In fact,
this has already happened and I was more than satisfied with the
process -- although I'd prefer to use Git next time. :-)

> If not, shall we try to make the tests pass (or at least compile)
> for them?

I certainly don't expect anyone other than myself to test Boost with
Metrowerks C++ 2.4.1.


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