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Subject: Re: [boost] [Review] Lockfree review starts today, July 18th
From: Grund, Holger (Holger.Grund_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-07-21 10:49:37

Thanks Tim,

> > ringbuffer<foo> x;
> > ringbuffer<foo> y;
> >
> > Consider a standard toolchain without fancy optimizations. Wouldn't
> > this normally result in the x.read_pos and y.write_pos to be
> allocated
> > on the same cacheline.
> in this case one could argue, that you should ensure the padding
> manually :)
That seems counter-intuitive to me. If you expect users to do so that should probably be spelled out clearly.

> nevertheless, there is one point that i should probably address: i
> should enforce that neither read index, write index and the actual
> ringbuffer array use different cache lines.
I'm having trouble understanding this. Do you mean they should go on different cachelines?

> > Is there any good way to override the allocation?
> if the size of the ringbuffer is specified at runtime, there is no way
> for it, i should probably add allocator support. however this will only
> help, if your allocators force the memory regions into physical ram by
> using mlock() or the like and by touching them to avoid minor page
> faults.
We usually just touch the memory and assume it will never be paged out (i.e. you just have a box with enough memory for your stuff and you don't run weird things on it). Large pages are usually implicitly locked on most operating systems -- so that's another cheap option.

> the ringbuffer is a single-producer, single-consumer data structure. if
> you use multiple producers, it will be corrupted!
My bad -- sorry haven't read the docs or code carefully.

> in general i hesitate to add any performance numbers, because the
> performance heavily depends on the CPU that is used.
And setting up a system for low latencies isn't exactly trivial these anymore either. Still, I have found a best-case comparison to be usually useful. Especially when you can just rerun the test in your own setup.

Say your consumer does nothing -- what's the highest produce rate you can get etc.

And, yes I understand that these things are highly dependent on the microarchitecture and OS & baseboard configuration.


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